I’m really a normal Mom living a normal life in the Pacific Northwest with my husband and three kids.  I live a peaceful but busy life and my afternoons are all about juggling the kids homework, sports and social lives.  I believe what and how we feed our bodies is a large factor in our health, happiness and energy level. Growing, active teenagers need to eat healthy.  I also believe our teenagers need us as much as we can give.  Finding time in our crazy schedules to sit as a family (or as many as there are on that particular evening) gives us all a few minutes of calm.  It feels great to eat together!

So, that’s why I remember very clearly when my son’s allergy test came back and how I felt when it was explained to me that he should completely eliminate all foods containing gluten and dairy if we want him to feel better.

Seriously? … He immediately wanted to know how he was going to eat if he couldn’t eat hamburgers, pizza and Top Ramen.  But, he wanted to feel better.  As most Moms out there can understand, I knew I was needed.  Time to play Super Mom.  Once upon a time it was hard, but not anymore. Learning how to serve healthy gluten and dairy free meals is simple.  It really is!  You just never had to know, so why would you?  It’s all right there under your nose!

Join me in my kitchen as I show you how delicious life can be as we make time to eat together in between school, work, sports and all the rest life offers.

All my best and stay calm,

Bess Carter (mother of two sons – age 15 and 14, and one daughter – age 9)


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